Man, 54 years old, 6' feet tall, from Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Man, 54 years old, 6' feet tall, from Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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    Very good
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    Be aware that I am being entirely honest by not stating what folks may want to here. This way we save time and sensibilities.
    Originally from nyc and a proud father of 2 awesome daughters that live with me part-time and sometimes more.
    I am old fashioned(not that old fashioned), raised jewish, non-religious, yet a grateful and gigantic lover of g-d, nature.. My top priorities are my 2 fantastic daughters (11,17) and having a happy, healthy and abundant 2nd half. I am stable n secure, though with less disposable income at the moment because of responsibilities, goals, desire to remain debt free, investing, and looking ahead. I am a bit of a character, expressive, easy going to powerful, funny to silly, heroic to vulnerable, and intense to carefree. I like people and love people of truth, wisdom, strength, health, and character. I enjoy many different interests and open to most anything. Always a big thing for me is being with the moment, real life/natural life over modern life, rational over fashionable, and having fun.
    I have been studying health and nutrition for few years and wish to be more healthy by becoming mostly a raw foodist. Maybe about 65% of the time, and would like that in my partner. I do not wish to be perfect, just wise, healthy, highly adaptable, and extraordinarily capable at every age.
    Unfortunately, over 75% of Americans are entirely brainwashed, severely malnourished.., unwilling to know truth and act on truth, and perhaps unwilling/unable to change. Being kind to others is a natural for me. So I love helping others and this is always an area of great need.
    When I do eat out it is generally real food at places like True Food Kitchen, Zinc Bistro, sushi, pita places, and alike. I enjoy treats that are also real. I've been told my best parts are my positive attitude, priorities, loyalty/faithfulness, parenting, brain, youthfulness, teeth, lips, skin, legs, and energy.
    Photos are recent so I look like my photos or better.
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    $35 - $50 k US
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    It's healthy

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