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The PeopleFishing Network is a diverse online dating playground providing a fun and effective way for people to meet. Membership in the PeopleFishing Network is your gateway to 19 communities in one, where you're sure to find a collection of people who think, love, work, and play the way you do. You may find your soul mate or just have a lot of fun fishing for one.

Remember, we're always adding new activities, games, communities, and features so keep coming back for more.

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At the PeopleFishing Network, we have spunk and personality... Our service is much more fun and light-hearted than traditional "matching" websites. We're having a great time designing and continually evolving our sites. We want you to enjoy your dating experiences just as much. We take a lot of pride in our efforts, and we take a lot of care in the services we offer you.

Our Team

We may be a fun group, but we're serious about our work as well. We have enlisted only the best talent to create and nurture the PeopleFishing Network's growth. We are a team who truly "get" what makes a website easy to use, engaging, addictive, and a product that delivers. We believe we're creating the smartest and most cleverly-designed online dating service available. Our members are an equally important part of our team, and we'll always look to you for feedback as well.

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If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to hear from you.

To contact the PeopleFishing Network, and for a list of feedback categories, click here.

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